“Being Avant-garde doesn’t always mean pushing ahead. It can also mean stopping and reflecting, taking two steps backward if necessary.” 

- Massimo Bottura - 


We Are StoryTellers


Ultimately, dining is much more than food on a plate. What makes a meal special is often more about the people around you, the place you are dining and the purpose for which you've gathered. 

"You can't have a sense of your life if you don't know the story of your country." 

-Olivier Roellinger-




Flavor begins in the soil. The locations we choose to work are determined by our relationships and knowledge of the area. Working exclusively with producers that we trust and that share our vision for better food and future is the only way to ensure the ultimate quality. If we do not grow or raise product we prepare on our farm, it is our responsibility to know the person who does, witness the work and tell the story of those treasured craftsmen. If we get our work right the flavor and the land are inseparable.




Our guests and clients all have stories, memories and connections that are far more powerful than anything a chef can create for a dinner. In order to touch people and move them we must know them. We spend extensive time trying to discover those connections and then amplify and exploit them. There are many ways to make those connections, whether we reproduce a dish from a loved one, raise animals or vegetables for your event with you or source/recreate that special ingredient that you miss. Each client leads us to a new way to make the food about them.




Your private dining occasion deserves a celebration determined by your singular unique day, never produced identically before and to never be experienced in the same way again. A meal to remember. 


“As I ate the oysters with their strong taste of the sea and their faint metallic taste that the cold white wine washed away, leaving only the sea taste and the succulent texture, and as I drank their cold liquid from each shell and washed it down with the crisp taste of the wine, I lost the empty feeling and began to be happy and to make plans.”


-Ernest Hemingway-

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