Harper's Bazzar


"...what makes Butterfield really stand out is executive chef Shawn Burnette's (formerly of New York's Breslin and Charleston's Husk) ever-changing menu of elegant, Southern-tinged fare. "




"among the celestial programs leading to his current elevation most notably are Husk Charleston, Del Posto, The Breslin, and Glasserie.  As his climb into the heavens is likely to continue, we ought to take this rarefied opportunity to catch him before he reaches his Valhalla."

-Ryan Smith-



"...nightly bonfires, and Butterfield, their farm-to-fork restaurant run by Executive chef Shawn Burnette, featuring a swoon-worthy seasonal menu of American fare."

-And North-

Brooklyn Vegetarian


"Burnette’s enthusiasm is infectious. I’m looking forward to checking out (his other restaurant) soon, and I have no doubt that the same loving attention to detail I found at Putnam’s will be there too. As a food blogger I can sometimes forget there are people behind the food I eat, and meeting Burnette was a great reminder that those people make a difference."

-Brooklyn Vegetarian-

MACON Magazine


"He is one of the best chefs in the country, the guy could work anywhere."

"From a culinary standpoint, it couldn't get better. The guy is a food genius."

-Wayne Wentendorf-



"a dinner experience of utmost quality at Butterfield. Executive Chef Shawn Burnette walked us through the 11-course meal, as we enjoyed dish after dish"

-Erica Choi-

The Valley Table


"Burnette  even makes his own charcoal from apple wood sourced from his orchard in Milton"

-Leslie Coons-

Fed Guides


Guide to Gobal Eats

-Shawn Bunrnette-

Idaho National Potato Calendar Cover


Cover of 2019 Idaho Potato Calendar 

"Vegan Hassleback Potato"

-Shawn Burnette-


Jenna Sereni

"INCREDIBLE!! He shared amazing stories and background on every dish, was extremely personable and WOW, the talent!! We all agreed Shawn was the highlight of our whole weekend"

Rocky Owen

"I can't say enough about him. We had a fantastic experience"

Adam Leone

" Incredible! The food was delicious and he went above and beyond with everything"

Kathie Olson

"Shawn "Radar" Burnette is a gifted and bright light to this spectacular Hudson Valley area"

Saint Jean/Duncan Wedding

"Every aspect of the food for my wedding was EXCEPTIONAL. Radar created a menu based on not just our tastes, but our personalities and our story, then crafted each dish masterfully. Custom seasonal recipes ensured everything was exactly what we envisioned and far more. Our guests were blown away by the attention to detail, gorgeous presentation, and delicious creations that went far above and beyond anything any of them experienced at a wedding.."